Don't take my word for it, here's what a recent client had to say about a property we sourced for him. ​

Chris purchased a 4 bed property from Better Sourced Ltd. We negotiated the price to £102,000 and we advised Chris he should convert it to a multi let property where the rooms in this area can achieve £80-90 per week. The property is in a great location with easy access to the main train station, Centre and Job's markets. ​

Investor's Money in £34000, money out rental income of £1558pcm.

After expenses leaves £550 profit pcm which means the ROI for this deal is approx 19.4%, when you factor in Capital Appreciation swell them the profits are very impressive. ​

Tell me again what bank pays 19.4% interest per year? If you want to get yourself a deal just like Chris.